Congratulations and welcome to the PGC iLearning Centre!

You are now starting your journey to manifest YOUR VALUE IN A CHANGING WORLD!

General Guidelines

  • The courses you are enrolled for are available in the Classroom.
  • The modules must be completed in order as some of the modules may refer back to earlier modules already studied and it contributes to the end result introduced in the last module.
  • Each of the 5 modules consist of units, units containing your study material (audio, video, tasks & missions) and a unit with assessments.
  • You must complete a module and submit your assessments before you can advance to the next module.
  • After passing the last module, a certificate of completion will be available for you to download.
  • Make sure you have fun whilst doing the course!

Course Structure

Each module will consist of the following:

  • Workbook (downloadable pdf)


  • Audios
  • Videos

Lastly, enjoy your course, have fun while you are learning!

See you in the classroom!